I'm Shannon Marqueta!

(sounds like mar-key-tah!)

I’m a single fur mom to a handsomely wrinkled sharpei, Mr. Buster. I love health and fitness, and have been on my journey my whole life.

I think there is this common misconception that diets and exercise are needed to achieve our “dream body,” but really they’re essential for our entire life! There is no magic diet or exercise regimen that will get you to your goals.

There are, however, amazing tools that will enable you to learn more about what it is your body needs to perform and feel its best - from proper nutrition, high-quality ingredients, portion tools, and an accountable community to walk alongside you.

I am a huge advocate that results happen from the inside out. So although you may feel that I talk a lot about health and nutrition, you will find that I live and breathe personal development and the importance of developing a healthy “thought closet” so that what you think and how you talk to yourself is in love, and the truth you speak into your own life positively affects the results you are working so hard towards in the kitchen and through your workouts.

You may think, for some strange reason, that I have got “it” all together. But the truth is, I am just like you - a girl on her own journey who despite all life’s challenges, made a decision long ago to love and value herself, and simply never give up. So every day when I workout, even if I don’t feel like it, I share my journey, both the good parts and the struggles so you can have comfort knowing that you’re doing great too! No one is perfect, we’re all just doing our best at this crazy thing called life!

So whether you're trying to lose weight, or simply tone up, let's work it out together so we can be beautiful, confident, and healthy on both the inside and out! Click any of my social links to start following me and please introduce yourself, I’m excited to meet you!

If you are a Coach or already have a Coach that you’re working with, please refer to them for help / guidance. Otherwise, I would love to officially be your Coach and join you on your journey. Click the button to make me your Coach – it costs you nothing!


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